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AudioHipster AH-01

Large Condenser Microphone with a perfect cardioid pickup pattern. The unique transformer-free circuit design can effectively reduce self-noise and enlarge dynamic range. 

The appearance of this mic adapts superb plating craftwork.

Don't let the price fool you...your recordings will exhibit a more: Un-hyped, natural, transparent and musical recording.  “Caddywhampass”

High precision omni-directional phantom powered measurement or instrument microphone.

MODEL : TL7405 / AudioHipster AH-03

Capsule Type: 1/2" pre-polarized condenser

with 2um metal diaphragm

Polar Pattern: Omni-directional (free-field microphone)
Frequency Response:10Hz-20kHz
Sensitivity: 50mv/Pa  ( -26dB±2dB)

Self Noise: ≥3.5uv
Output Impedance:50Ω

Peak output: 5V RMS
Power Requirement: Phantom power 48 VDC
Connector: 3-Pin XLR
Body Dimensions: Ф19x170mm By Copper

FYI: Only a handful left...don't believe the lies, Sheol no...these mic’s have unsurpassed highs.

AudioHipster AH-04 Classical Passive Ribbon Stereo Microphone ~ Blumlein Style

MODEL : AudioHipster AH-04 Stereo Ribbon Microphone

The AH-04 stereo ribbon microphone comprises two separately matched ribbon microphone, mounted with 90 degree Blumlein style. When held vertically, connector down, the upper microphone is the left channel and the lower microphone is the right channel. the lovely AH-04 ribbon microphone with its high sensitivity, no distortion, low noise, wide frequency response and dynamic range is  perfect for such professional situations as recordings, percussion instruments, and specially suitable for orchestral, instrument, chorus or any sound source desiring fast transient response and/or high sound level. 


  1. Bullet Element: Stereo ribbon microphone

  2. Bullet Polar Pattern: Figure-8

  3. Bullet Frequency Response: 20Hz~18KHz

  4. Bullet Sensitivity: -52dB±2dB (0dB=1V/Pa at 1kHz)

  5. Bullet Output Impedance: 350Ω±20% (at 1kHz)

  6. Bullet Load Impedance: ≥1000Ω

  7. Bullet Self Noise: 14dB A

  8. Bullet S/N Ratio:80dB

  9. Bullet Max. Input SPL:155dB (at 1kHz≤1% T.H.D)

  10. Bullet Body Dimensions :Ф25x235mm


Included: AH-04 Stereo Ribbon Microphone, Shock Mount, 10' Stereo 5 pin to XLR Duel Microphone Cable, Protective case.


AudioHipster AH-02

Classical Passive Ribbon Microphone which is the result of

collaborative research and creation made by the finest manufacture, and assembled in accordance with AudioHipster specifications.  

With vivid natural exquisite sound,  the mild gentle and mellow tone, it can recur the silky and full classical vocal. Besides, the mic has a wide low-frequency range and fast transient response. Especially suitable for music instruments.  


  1. Bullet Double-sided 0.02 mm pure aluminum foil (1.8 Micron very thin) {better sounding low end and more transient highs then the 2.5 micron models. IMA}  

  2. Bullet Vivid and nature sound..use where you want that fat low end & perfect transient highs

  3. Bullet Wide low flat-frequency range & fast transient response. 

  4. Bullet Can be used for many occasions, Studio, Broadcast, Live or on location 

  5. Bullet Unique mic basket design, slim mic body.


Stereo Pair $1245



Stereo Pair $320


Stereo Pair $250

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