The HH-01 Headphone Hanger from Oktava is an ideal way to keep headphones (as well as microphones and shock mounts) safe and convenient. This handy all metal hanger attaches to any mic stand or music stand with ease.

  1. Hook Length: 100mm

  2. Clamp opening diameter: 10-25mm

Oktava HH-01 Headphone Hanger $12

*Shipping: US $3 ~ International $10


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Superlux Headphones  & Accessories

Headphone Shipping: US $8-10 ~ Canada $17 ~ International $24

    in stock            

HD 631 MSRP $149 


HD631 Series

DJ Headphones (Circum-aura)

The HD631 series is a high sound quality headphone

        in stock                            

*HD 385 $12


In-Ear Headphones      US SHipping only $3

or Call  770-377-1748 To Order

HD-572  $15

In Stock



HD-681  $34

in stock


HD681 EVO  $39

Black & White  in stock soon


HD-668B  $45   in stock


Superlux HD681 New EVO in Stock

Oktava HH-01

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