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Services at AudioHipster are provided at standardized rates however, we know every project is different so please feel free to contact us to discuss your project and what you would hope to achieve here.

Our Rates

Studio Rental $200 per day 10 hours

4 Hour Block $120 (this is a freelance engineer or self engineering band basic rental rate)

Basic tracking with Doyen Keaton engineer $35 per hour.

(3 hour minimum includes studio rental)

Chase Cassara $20 per hour with studio rental.

Two Engineers add $35 per hour with day studio rental.

Record to 2” tape includes engineer $50 per hour. (Tape Rental $35 per tape roll use or $345 per roll to purchase.)

(Ask about 24, 48, 72 hours or rent our facility for the week.)


24 Tracks $150 Per Song

25 to 100 Tracks $200 Per Song

Over 100 Tracks $35 per hour

Mastering By Doyen

Stereo Mastering $35 Per Song